We Know The True Harm Caused By Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are notoriously difficult to diagnose. Many of the symptoms of serious head injury can be waived off or misdiagnosed. In addition, many symptoms are slow to develop, which can cause issues with the tight deadlines under which you must file a workers' compensation claim. And insurance companies are often reluctant to admit that a brain injury has occurred.

Amid all of this complexity, it is difficult to know where to turn. We can help. We are a noted workers' compensation law firm that is familiar with workers' compensation cases involving a head injury.

A Practical Knowledge Of The Issues Surrounding Head Injuries

A TBI is a serious and potentially life-altering injury. At Bowen McKenzie Bowen LLC, our firm has two main goals when one of our clients is suffering from a TBI or other head injury:

  • Get you as healthy as you can be with a proper medical diagnosis and treatment
  • Get you the full amount of benefits you deserve under South Carolina law

The way we accomplish these goals is to ensure you are treating all of the symptoms associated with a TBI. Issues like trouble concentrating, dizziness, emotional instability, and other symptoms can be signs of a serious head injury.

As an experienced workers' compensation law firm, our lawyers can help you establish your injury and your symptoms. If necessary, we will refer you to neuropsychologists, neurologists and other medical providers who can provide a more accurate diagnosis.

Throughout your claim, your attorney will be by your side, helping you compile documentation and filing your claim appropriately. We will take the time to listen to your story and your symptoms — it is the best way to understand the full impact of a head injury.

Do Not Have Your Head Injury Downplayed Or Misdiagnosed

The risk of having your TBI misdiagnosed or downplayed in a workers' comp claim is very real. At Bowen McKenzie Bowen LLC, we help you establish the full value of your case in the workers' compensation system. For a free consultation at our Greenville, South Carolina, office, call us at 864-520-5539. You can also tell us about your work injury online here and we will respond shortly.