Helping Survivors Obtain Death Benefits

The loss of a loved one is tragic in so many respects. In addition to losing the love and companionship offered by a breadwinner, family members must also worry about their financial situation moving forward.

When the death is the result of a work accident or injury, the surviving family members may be able to receive workers' compensation death benefits. Death benefits offer a way for surviving family members to pay for the daily living expenses and other costs associated with losing a provider. These costs include:

  • Lost income benefits for up to 500 weeks (at 66 2/3 percent of weekly earnings)
  • Burial expenses
  • Medical expenses incurred prior to death

Guiding You Throughout A Difficult Time

The respected workers' compensation law firm of Bowen McKenzie Bowen LLC has been an advocate for workers and their families for over 25 years. When faced with the immeasurable loss associated with a workplace fatality, we help family members secure the financial benefits they deserve under the law to help them through a difficult time.

We will listen to your story to ensure we have all of the facts that could help you obtain benefits. In some cases, a workplace accident may mean more than just eligibility for workers' compensation. You may also be able to sue the individual or business responsible in a third-party lawsuit, for example, or obtain benefits under Social Security. We will pursue compensation from every source.

We Offer Free Consultations With An Experienced Workers' Comp Attorney

You have enough demands on you in the wake of losing a loved one. For a no-risk assessment of your situation and legal options by an experienced lawyer, contact Bowen McKenzie Bowen LLC. As a highly regarded workers' compensation law firm for over 25 years, our office is ready to help you pursue the financial benefits you are owed under the law. Call our Greenville, South Carolina, office at 864-520-5539 or reach us online.