Did Your Work Bring You In Contact With Toxic Substances?

Workers' compensation covers more than just workplace accidents. Employees who suffer from exposure to toxic substances while doing work-related activities are eligible for workers' compensation benefits. This includes exposure to toxic substances in your work building, such as mold and asbestos, and exposure to chemicals and other hazardous substances in the course of your work, such as cotton dust if you work in textiles.

Employers have a legal duty to provide a safe workspace for workers. Any exposure to toxic substances that leads to an illness or medical condition qualifies you for workers' compensation, even if your employer took reasonable steps to prevent any exposure. A workers' comp claim is not a lawsuit: Workers' comp is an insurance system designed to help injured workers regardless of fault.

Leaders In Occupational Disease Workers' Compensation Claims

Bowen McKenzie Bowen LLC is a respected workers' compensation law firm that has been helping workers suffering from occupational diseases and toxic exposure for over 25 years. Linda McKenzie has represented thousands of injured workers over her illustrious career. She has argued successfully before the South Carolina Supreme Court that influenced state law regarding occupational diseases and workers' comp.

Helping You Prove Your Case

Throughout your case, Bowen McKenzie Bowen LLC will be with you to help you obtain the proper medical care and documentation you need to get the full amount of benefits you are owed under the law. As an experienced workers' compensation attorney, Linda McKenzie has the practical knowledge you need to put your claim in the best position to succeed.

Occupational disease claims require strict proof. If you do not meet a single requirement, you could lose your case. We will walk you through every step you need to prove your workers' comp claim. Having handled thousands of workers' comp claims, Bowen McKenzie Bowen LLC is well-equipped to provide you with the practical knowledge and guidance you need to best prove your case.

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