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Are high-stress jobs more prone to accidents?

Employees and employers should be aware of how stress can contribute to workplace accidents. Stress can significantly change how well you are able to react physically, mentally and emotionally to events that take place at work. It can make you less aware of your surroundings and slower to respond, which can compromise your workplace safety. 

Stress and workplace safety

Unmanaged stress can increase the possibility of workplace accidents by affecting how you are able to function and maintain workplace safety while you are performing your job duties. Numerous studies have found a correlation between stress and an increased likelihood of a workplace accident.

Stress can make even the simplest of functions difficult. Work-related stress can also contribute to workplace illnesses and how well you are able to sleep, both of which can be additional factors in workplace accidents.

No matter what type of industry you work in, anytime work safety is compromised by stress, it can increase your chances of being injured on the job or injuring someone else. For example:

  • In a factory setting that requires the operation of heavy machinery, you may forget to turn off a device or fail to take routine safety measures. 
  • If driving is a large part of your job, the effects of stress can impair your judgment and have you engaged in dangerous driving behavior, such as distracted driving or driving while drowsy. 
  • tress can also reduce work safety in office settings where the failure to follow the proper procedure for lifting heavy objects can result in a workplace accident or injury.

There is a direct relationship between stress and workplace accidents. This is true for all types of workplace settings and industries. Both employers and workers can reduce the occurrence of work-related accidents that are caused by stress by recognizing the signs of stress and learning how to manage effectively it.

Workers' compensation is not based on fault

Keep in mind that workers' compensation acts as a form of insurance. It is not based on fault. So workers who have been injured partially due to stress-related causes, such as difficulty sleeping, may still be eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits, which can help pay for medical expenses and lost wages associated with a workplace accident.

Speak to an experienced workers' compensation attorney if you have questions about your eligibility.  

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