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Five common types of workers' compensation claims

Greenville was once known as "The Textile Capitol of the World," but our fair city has continued to diversify and modernize as major corporations, mid-sized companies and small businesses have moved to the area. Now we have shops, tech companies, research centers and a wide array of manufacturing facilities to keep our city growing. While the jobs may have changed some, there's still a chance that people will get injured during work. Fortunately workers' compensation is designed to help employees who have been injured on the job. The benefits it provides include medical costs and/or lost wages resulting from a workplace injury.

According to South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Administration (S.C. OSHA), the rate of people injured at work continues to trend downward with our state typically below the national average. While nobody expects to be injured on the job, it still happens.

Here are five common types of workers' comp claims:


We all like to work hard, but this can lead to unsafe work practices. It can happen from trying to lift, push, throw, or move something. While you managed to perform the task the first time or the thousandth, a muscle may get "tweaked," a joint forced beyond the normal range of movement, or the body simply gives out.

Hazardous materials

There is an estimated 5 million workers in the U.S. that are required to wear respirators to protect themselves against harmful dust, mist, sprays, vapor or insufficient oxygen.

Slip, trip or fall

No matter how safe an employer or employee is, accidents will happen. It could be because of a freshly mopped floor (the most popular example), falling off a ladder or a missing a step on the stairs.

Fall to a lower level

Guard rails are there for a reason, but workers can get knocked off balance or a barrier that should have been there for safety was not installed. Often construction workers will fall off of scaffolding.

Repetitive motion

This includes such medical conditions as bursitis, carpal tunnel and tendonitis. It may be harder to prove because the injury manifests itself over a period of time while working on an assembly line, but it may also include such low-impact activities as sitting in a chair, typing or using a computer.

More information on South Carolina Workers' Compensation Claims' website can be found here. If you feel that your injury was result of your job, it is recommended that you talk to an attorney well-versed in the workers' compensation claims.

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