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Office worker or construction worker -- injury hazards prevalent

If you are part of the workforce in Greenville, South Carolina, you might be exposed to various injury risks -- regardless of your occupation or the industry in which you are employed. Every workplace has hazards that can cause minor to catastrophic injuries, some of which are prevalent across all industries.

Protect yourself

All employers must comply with the safety regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. However, you might avoid injuries by looking out for circumstances that could cause these following common injuries in your workplace:

  • Overexertion Injuries

Excessive physical effort can cause sprains, strains or tears of tendons and muscles. Overexertion injuries are non-impact injuries that often result from pushing, pulling, lifting or turning, and could cause extended absences from work. Although office workers can suffer such injuries, those in the trucking industry are at higher risks than many other professions. Truckers often have to work on their own and seldom have help with loading and unloading heavy items, which can result in one of these injuries.

  • Slip, trip and fall injuries

If you are an office worker, there are a myriad of different obstacles that could potentially result in you losing your balance and falling. Depending on how you fall and what you might crash into when you fall, you could suffer anything from a bruised shin or elbow to a traumatic brain injury. Other injuries that may follow slip-and-fall accidents include concussions and wrist, arm or shoulder injuries, or even fractures when the victim uses his or her arms to break the fall.

  • Repetitive motion injuries

While repetitive motions are known to cause severe injuries to workers on assembly lines or at processing plants in the meat and poultry industry, you may not be aware that many office workers also face exposure to these hazards. Doing repetitive computer work such as data entry for hours on end can cause strained tendons and muscles in the back and neck. Arm, wrist and hand motions can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, and continuous computer work can result in vision problems. Some of these injuries are progressive and might ultimately need expensive surgical treatment.

Seeking medical treatment is typically the first step in the event of any workplace injury. Medical expenses are recoverable through the South Carolina workers' compensation insurance system, but only if you reported the injury or illness to your supervisor in a timely manner. Proving that an injury is work related can be challenging, but the help of an experienced workers' compensation attorney is available to navigate benefits claims for medical expenses and lost wages.

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