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Oh no! Workers' comp denied your benefits claim -- what now?

Is your job one of those that puts your health and safety at risk every day? Knowing that the South Carolina workers' compensation system will have your back in the event of an injury that might prevent you from taking proper care of your family may give you peace of mind. However, the system is one that treats every claim with suspicion, and many others in your position have been disillusioned when their benefits claims were denied.

Workplace violence: Is it really a valid concern for me?

It does not matter what kind of job you have or the nature of your work; anyone can face exposure to workplace violence at some point. Even the threat of harm can be emotionally traumatizing, and all South Carolina workers will benefit from knowing their rights in case of a violent incident in the workplace.

When your work injuries are not the result of an accident

If you go home at the end of the day with an aching back and shoulders or tightness and tingling in your fingers, you may be suffering from a repetitive strain injury. This is especially likely if you work in an office, sitting at a computer for hours at a time, day after day. The strain on your hands, arms and back can lead to radiating pain that makes it difficult to do the work you are assigned.

Injured on the job? How to get the compensation you deserve

You are hard at work, concentrating on the task at hand, when your heel catches on the carpet. You then fall hard on one knee and have trouble getting back up. Or, you have been working at the same office for years, and you are starting to notice an uncomfortable tingling in the fingers of your right hand. When you mention it to your doctor, he diagnoses it as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Office worker or construction worker -- injury hazards prevalent

If you are part of the workforce in Greenville, South Carolina, you might be exposed to various injury risks -- regardless of your occupation or the industry in which you are employed. Every workplace has hazards that can cause minor to catastrophic injuries, some of which are prevalent across all industries.

Did you know it takes seconds for hazardous chemicals to do harm?

Workers in over 3 million workplaces nationwide, including in South Carolina, must deal with the dangers of hazardous chemicals every day. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says it is the responsibility of employers to prevent their employees from suffering the consequences of exposure to the 650,000 chemicals that make up the variety of toxic products used in different industries. Some chemicals can cause severe injuries within as little as six seconds. In 2014, almost three million private industry employees suffered nonfatal illnesses or injuries caused by chemicals.

Know your rights if you are injured on a construction site

After a work injury, you may be left with medical bills and other financial losses that can compromise your ability to care for your family and keep up with your expenses. If you suffered an injury on a construction site and have concerns about your recovery and future, you need an experienced lawyer by your side.

Report says workplace injuries are declining - experts disagree

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently stated that workplace injuries have decreased over the last 13 years. The trend reportedly continued through 2015, and the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health has stated that the decline is encouraging. The Assistant Secretary also stated that the decline was likely the result of efforts by government agencies, employers and unions alike.

Companies can't make their own workers' comp rules

In the United States, one of the rights that employees are entitled to is the ability to seek compensation after an on-the-job injury. Unfortunately, many are expressing concern over the vanishing worker protections in the United States, and it's not hard to see why. In Oklahoma, companies were essentially allowed to set their own rules for dealing with injured workers. Unsurprisingly, Oklahoma companies took advantage of this law by placing more restrictions on workers' compensation. 

Five common types of workers' compensation claims

Greenville was once known as "The Textile Capitol of the World," but our fair city has continued to diversify and modernize as major corporations, mid-sized companies and small businesses have moved to the area. Now we have shops, tech companies, research centers and a wide array of manufacturing facilities to keep our city growing. While the jobs may have changed some, there's still a chance that people will get injured during work. Fortunately workers' compensation is designed to help employees who have been injured on the job. The benefits it provides include medical costs and/or lost wages resulting from a workplace injury.

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